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We InvestInData.

The future of data is here.

A cutting-edge investing vehicle.
For cutting-edge data startups.

InvestInData (IID) is an angel investor collective composed of 50+ leading data executives from across the United States.

Together, we invest in early-stage startups that we believe are pushing the frontiers of innovation in data.

Our Origin Story:


ElevateData is Founded

ElevateData, a community for data executives, was started by drivers from SVB, Poshmark, and Notable Capital. For three years, this unique forum brought together senior data leaders from various locations and industries to discuss top-of-mind topics in data.


IID is Founded

In the ElevateData forum, it became clear that there is so much more we could do, as practitioners, to push the data industry forward. So we started IID as an investing vehicle bridging the gaps between founders and practitioners in data.

Why InvestInData?

Data is growing exponentially. It is undoubtedly becoming a key strategic asset for growth in an increasing number of companies.

This is driving massive opportunities for disruption in the data space. And that's where you and we come in.

Our Mission is to Back You Up

We want to contribute to the data industry’s evolution and catalyze it by backing founders who go to market with ambitious data infrastructure, analytics, machine learning, and AI technologies.

How we support data startups:

  • Invest in them in early rounds

  • Advise our portfolio companies and help them succeed by offering our collective expertise

We Strive to Take Your
Startup Higher

InvestInData operates on simple principles that are designed to provide the most value to our portfolio founders, when they need it most.

Here's How it Works  

We're Personally Invested

Our members pool their personal funds to make investments through IID.
And since IID members are personally invested, they have every interest to see IID’s portfolio companies succeed. 

Propelling the Flywheel, Together

Goes without saying, boosting a startup's success is what extends our reach in the startup ecosystem and helps us identify additional startups we believe we could help propel.

We Engage in the Way
You Need

Once we invest in a startup, we provide value in the forms of advising on the roadmap, pricing, positioning, etc. as well as offering unmatched networking opportunities in the data industry, and beyond.

Our Stats to Date:


Active Data Execs


Cumulative Years of Experience in Data


Portfolio Companies


Founding Year

Portfolio Companies:

We are proud investors in innovative data startups:

rasgo logo.png
Rasgo solves metric inconsistency by integrating with dbt and creating consistent metrics and datasets within your warehouse. Using Rasgo, both data consumers and data producers can align on definitions and ensure they're on the same page.
Comet is a meta machine learning platform designed to help AI practitioners and teams build reliable machine learning models for real-world applications by streamlining and connecting the machine learning model lifecycle.
StarTree is a user-facing analytics company commercializing Apache Pinot, a real-time OLAP database. With StarTree, data and engineering teams can serve millions of complex queries to end users at milli-second latency, without worrying about managing and scaling infrastructure.
Eppo is an AB experimentation platform designed to drive metrics and reliably learn. Whether running product, growth, or machine learning experiments, Eppo centralizes reports and automates all analytical workflows.
Nimble is an innovative data platform that converts public websites into ready-to-use datasets, equipping businesses to utilize public web content, and thereby opening doors to unparalleled business opportunities.
Motif Analytics offers a paradigm-shifting toolkit for sequence analytics: rich flow visualizations, purpose-built sequence operations, AI models for event sequences.
Gable helps organizations improve data quality at scale by fostering communication between data producers and consumers via data contracts.

What Founders are Saying
About Working with IID:

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"Strategic data leaders drive the data tools industry, in thought leadership, early adoption of tools, and mentoring (or becoming!) the next generation of founders. Never before have leaders of the fastest-growing technology companies come together to help startups. InvestInData is an incredible partner for any ambitious data startup."

Chetan Sharma

Eppo Founder and CEO

Are You Ready to Accelerate
Your Startup?

Are you a founder in the data / analytics space? Does working with InvestInData sound interesting to you?

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